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International Ph. D. Program in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (University System of Taiwan)
University System of Taiwan-International Graduate Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
Course requirements for PhD:

At least 18 credits (in addition to 12 credits of dissertation research)
The specific courses vary by department but are generally as follows:

A. Required courses:
1. Introduction to Neuroscience (3 credits)
2. Seminar (4 credits)
3. Laboratory Rotations (1 credit)
4. Scientific writing (1 credit)

B. Required elective courses:
1. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Lecture (4 credits, 2 courses)
2. In addition to the program curriculum, students may take biological and medical courses from other institutes with the approval from the advisor.

Required courses:
Introduction to Neuroscience
Laboratory Rotation
Scientific Writing

Elective courses:
Independent study: Investigating visual awareness and visual cognition
Cognitive Psychology
Neurotransmission and Psychoanalysis
Neural Engineering
Special topics on Brain Science
Independent Study: Neural Mechanisms of Attentional Control
Independent Study: Event-Related Potentials
Independent Study: The Neurobiological mechanisms of bilingual processing
Special Topics on ER homeostasis Regulation
Special Topics in Model Organism Biotechnology
Special topics on Molecular Motors and Axonal Transport
Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuroimaging Methods and Applications
Drosophila Neurobiology
Computational Biology:Intelligent Computing and its Applications