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International Ph. D. Program in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (University System of Taiwan)
University System of Taiwan-International Graduate Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
National Tsing-Hua University



Fields of Specialty

College of Life Science

Yen-Chung Chang professor


Ann-Shyn Chiang professor

Brain research, Molecular imaging, Genetics of behavior

H. Benjamin Peng professor Development of the neuromuscular junction; cell biology; signal transduction.

Chuan-Chin Chiao associate professor

Visual ecology, Neuroethology, Retinal physiology

Shin- Rung Yeh associate professor


Oliver Wagner associate professor

Molecular Cell Biology, Neuroscience

Linyi Chen associate professor

Cell and Molecular Biology, Signal Transduction, Mechanism of Cell Differentiation

Tzu-Kang Sang associate professor

Neurodegenerative diseases/neurobiology

Hui-Yun Chang assistant professor

Animal behaviors, emotion, biotechonolgy, Neurogenetics

Chung-Chuan Lo assiatant professor

flexible brain functions, sleep-state transitions