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International Ph. D. Program in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (University System of Taiwan)
University System of Taiwan-International Graduate Program for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
National Yang-Ming University



Fields of Specialty

National Yang-Ming University

Yung-Yang Lin 

Basic neural physiology, Clinical nerve diseases

Jen-Chuen Hsieh Professor Neuroscience

Ching-Liang Lu


Visceral pain, Brain-GUT interaction
Terry B.J. Kuo

Neuroscience, Physiology, Informatics, Translational Medicine

Li-Fen Chen
Associate Professor

Biomedical image and signal processing, NeuroImaging

Cheryl C.H. Yang Professor

Neural Physiology, Pharmacology

Ding-I Yang 

Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology, Neuroscience

Irene Han-Juo Cheng
Associate Professor

Biochemistry, Molecular and cellular biology, Geneticsm Neurodegeneration diseases

Jin-Wu Tsai
Assistant Professor

Neural development, neural degenerative diseases, stroke, light microscopy

Fu-Chin Liu

Neural development and plasticity of the basal ganglia circuits in the mammalian forebrain

Meei-Ling Tsaur

Pain and neural development

Hey-Jen Tsay

The role of microglia in late and early stages of Alzheimer's disease
Cheng-Chang Lien

Associate Professor

Molecular and physiological function of synaptic transmission and neuronal networks
Wen-Jui Kuo
Associate Professor

Physiological mechanisms of cognition

Tzu-Hao Cheng

Supt4h on Huntington’s disease and other polyQ-mediated neurodegenerative disorders

Yi-Hsuan Lee

Molecular and cellular neurobiology in neurotraum and neurodegenerative diseases

Chung -Jiuan Jeng
Associate Professor Molecular assembly and gene regulation of neuronal potassium channels, Molecular organization of synapses, Mechanisms of neuroprotection

Hsueh-Te (Max) Lee
Associate Professor


1. The role of blood-brain barrier/neurovascular unit in human disease.
2. The special mechanism of metastatic brain tumor.
3. The mechanism of brain microenvironment regulation -induced attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Chung-Chih Lin
Associate Professor

Microscopy-based high content analysis and siRNA screen

Mitochondria dynamics and neurodegeneration

Tracking dynamics of secretory vesicles to understand molecular mechanism of exocytosis

Ming-Chang Chiang
Assistant Professor Neuroimaging